Privacy Stack

The Privacy Stack is an open source web app with consent-centered privacy design and accessible components. You get self-serve GDPR and CCPA user flows out of the box with easy data access and deletion, and undo-signup. We also packed in a lot of other goodies, like user profiles, file uploads, and a UI library with lots of patterns to choose from. The Privacy Stack comes with a demo notes app, which you can try out here:

We make it easy to undo signup.

Screenshot of the data access screen.

Start with privacy defaults

Build Privacy-centric Apps

With the Privacy Stack you get a fully featured web app with privacy enthusiastically baked in, and heap of developer conveniences to make your work smoother.

App screenshot
GDPR and CCPA user flows
GDPR and CCPA self-serve user flows with do not sell, data access, and data deletion flows, including: Default do not sell on signup, data access, data deletion, and undo sign up.
Self Hosted Deployments
Automated provisioning and deployments to a DIY VPS with Ansible: long-running node server with Nginx proxy server, UFW firewall, Certbot for SSL, and systemd for node daemonization
File upload
Upload files directly to your own server with zero configuration. No services needed, just the filesystem on the DIY server, and's built in file upload handlers.
Transactional emails
Automatic emails using Sendgrid with secure tokens for welcome and forgot password. We're actively looking for a privacy-first replacement. Get in touch if you know of one.
Autocomplete search
Type ahead search UI using fuse.js to help find your notes with client-side filtering.
User Profiles
User profiles backed by email/Password authentication using cookie-based sessions.
UI Library
We integrated ShadCN so you can build your design system into the UI from there.
This stack ships a production-ready SQLite Database and the Prisma ORM.
Continuous Integrations
GitHub Actions for linting, typechecking, and smoke testing on merge to production and staging environments.
Remix official template goodies
Styling with Tailwind, types with TypeScript, testing with Cypress, Vitest and Testing Library, formatting with Prettier , linting with ESLint, mocking with MSW.
💿 Built with
Built with, the full stack web framework that follows web standards with backing from Shopify.

Try out the demo app.
Sign up is totally reversible.

This website is a deployment of the Privacy Stack template. You can sign up here and see all the features that come with the template.